How to secure your plant machines

Plant machine security

If you own a plant machine you might be worried over leaving the vehicle over night. Most plant machines are stolen due to the high resale value overseas, and protecting your plant machine is very difficult due to the fact they still don’t come with an immobiliser as standard and a simply flat blade screw driver is normally enough. The most common locations for stolen plant machines are Lincolnshire  And many other places in the north which have a very large amount of land and fields. You can protect your plant equipment with simple immobilisers and Tracking systems which can be used to recover your vehicle if it’s moving or you have reported it stolen. The great advantage is trackers can be hidden well and this makes it a lot more time consuming for someone the try and strip the vehicle down and find it.

There are a few companies you can find out information on regarding plant tracking products such as Smartrack

How to secure your plant machines

How do car alarms work


Car Alarms are a very good product to have fitted to give you complete piece of mind. Many people ask how do they work? They are very involved to install but in the way they work they are very simple. The interior of the vehicle is normally protected by a Shock Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensors or a Microwave Sensor. We give detailed information below in how they work…

  • Shock Sensor. This is normally mounted within the alarm module meaning  any sharp bang or knock and the sensor inside the alarm unit moves in turn this sets off the full alarm.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors. These work on pressure change and this means if the vehicles interior detects a sudden change in pressure it triggers the full alarm. For example a car window getting smashed would change the cabins interior.
  • Microwave Sensor. This sensor can’t be seen when fitted in your vehicle and it’s normally located by the gear surround and when the alarm is active it creates an electric field inside your vehicles interior. Once the RF field is broken by detecting a large movement such as your arm or body the alarm will trigger. This sensor is mainly used on open top cars.

The doors are picked up by manually connecting the door wiring to each trigger switch on each door or pillar.

Where can you buy good quality car alarms?

Secure My Motor

Scorpion Auto


How do car alarms work

Parking Sensors


Parking sensors are a great item which also increases the value of your vehicle and it also protects your investment. Did you know the average bumper repair costs around £500-1000 and a set of reversing sensors cost around £150.00-£350 depending on if you go for just rear or front and rear protection. There are many types of parking sensors on the market and the internet sites are filled with many items mostly from China. Many customers worry about the quality of the parts used and there performance. buying parking sensors from well branded suppliers gives you the piece of mind that you are buying a product which will last years and the performance remains the same from the day your brought them. Parking sensors work on a normal car voltage of 12 volt and when the reverse gear is selected your vehicle will automatically switch the parking sensors on. Many cheaper sensors have a very small range detection of around 60 cm which is very poor and doesn’t give you enough of an advanced warning when parking.

High quality sensors from Steelmate or Cobra give you performance when parking for example the detection range starts from 1.5 m. The buzzers which is the sounder making the bleeping noise is a nice soft tone.


Places you can buy parking sensors..

DB Vehicle Electrics

Cobra Parking Sensors


Parking Sensors